Air Max 95 as a perfect running shoe with excellent look and design

Air Max 95 is a perfect running shoe with a classic look and avant-garde design that is popular with the trend. As the first pair of shoes with an air cushion in the history of Nike shoes. This sneaker has a beautiful shape, smooth lines and a unique design. The shoe side removes the large swoosh portion of the traditional Nike shoe and uses a gradient color to add a strong sense of trend to it.

Air Max 95 not only looks great, but also performs extremely well. It uses a full palm Max air cushion. The forefoot uses a transverse tubular structure to match the repeated movements of the forefoot flexion while the runner is running. The rear palm cushion uses PSI technology to greatly improve the comfort of the runner and increase the stability of the sneaker. The Air Max 95's large air cushion for the forefoot and hindfoot replaces the traditional PU midsole, which makes the jogging movement more lighter, more comfortable, and more stable.